Turkish Court Imposes Substantial Sentences on Pro-Kurdish Leaders

Selahattin Demirtas, the former Co-Chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), along with other Kurdish politicians, has been convicted and sentenced to prison on charges related to the case involving the 2014 Kobani protests. A total of 108 HDP members were prosecuted in relation to the nationwide incidents that occurred on October 6-8, 2014. The trial […]

Migrant shops are being closed

Burcu Köksal, from the main opposition social democratic party CHP, who became the mayor of Afyon City in the local elections held on March 31, closed the unlicensed shops of migrants. Köksal also said she would send the migrants back to their home countries. During the election campaign, Burcu Köksal, who said that if she […]

Imprisoned MP Can Atalay loses MP status

Turkey’s parliament revoked the status of the jailed opposition MP today after the judicial crisis between two of the country’s top courts. Can Atalay was elected to parliament as an MP for Hatay from TIP in the May 2023 elections. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison in the Gezi trial. Atalay’s applications for […]

AKP Government’s Discriminatory Policies Fuel Islamic Extremism and Violence

The discriminatory policies of Erdogan’s AKP government have created a hostile environment that led to the unfortunate armed attack during the Sunday mass at the Saint Maria Italian Catholic Church in Sarıyer district of İstanbul on January 28, where one person died. The Islamic State jihadists claimed responsibility for the attack. The organisation stated that […]

Solidarity with Ozak Textile Workers

We once again call for solidarity with the Özak Textile workers, whose hearts beat with courage in different countries around the world! Özak Textile workers have been exercising their right to choose a union in the face of oppression, mobbing, and slave-like conditions at the workplace since the 27th of November. The voices of these […]

UPDATED: Is Erdogan’s one-man rule the end of democracy in Turkey?

As in previous years, the SPOT conference will discuss a range of issues generated by the experiences and struggles of workers and campaigners in Turkey. It will address the most recent attack on trade unions, women’s rights, LGBT+ people and climate activists. It will seek to put this in a wider context of the drive […]

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

SPOT stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine and calls for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the siege of Gaza. We condemn the killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas and the response of the Israeli government to collectively punish the Palestinian people. Following the attacks on the 7th of October, Benjamin Netanyahu […]

Merdan Yanardag arrested in latest attack on opposition media

The arrest of TELE 1 editor-in-chief Merdan Yanardag is the latest intimidation operation by the Turkish government against the opposition press. In a televised speech over the weekend, Yanardag said: “[PKK leader Abdullah] Öcalan is the longest-serving political prisoner in Türkiye. If normal execution laws were applicable, he should actually be released… The isolation imposed […]

Turkey: Before and after the elections

This panel is organised by SPOT and Day-Mer and is a part of the 34th Day-Mer Culture and Arts Festival. Speakers: Labour MP Kate Osamor Bir-TEK Sen general secretary Mehmet Turkmen EMEP MP Iskender Bayhan Unison international officer Mark Beacon Day-Mer MCM Ceren Sagir To register your interest, visit: eventbrite

International observers visit the trial of trade unionists in Ankara

On Monday 5th June a delegation of ten international observers, four from UK trade unions, attended the hearing of eight trade unionists in Ankara, Turkey. This is the sixth trial and details of the allegations and people charges are below. One of the defendants Gonul Erden joined remotely as she is still being held under […]

Erdogan turned illegitimate elections in his favour!

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been managing Turkey like his own family business for 21 years, will remain in power for another five years after the recent elections. Erdogan, who received 49.5 per cent of the votes in the first round, secured 52 per in the run-off elections last month. Main opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu […]

Jihadist “Political Party” Supports President Erdogan

Huda-Par (Free Cause Party), a radical jihadist “political party” in Turkey, has announced its support for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his People’s Alliance (the religious and nationalist alliance) in the upcoming May 14 elections.  Huda-Par has roots in the outlawed Kurdish-Hezbollah which is responsible for the horrific executions in southeast Turkey during the 1990s. […]

A Month After the Earthquake: Humanitarian Situation Worsens

Millions of people are living in tents and informal settlements across earthquake-hit areas in Turkey. It has recently emerged that the Turkish Red Crescent sold tents to the earthquake victims after the quake. As a result, there are thousands of people who could not find any shelter, even a tent, in freezing weather conditions. Among […]

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Solidarity Appeal

Solidarity with the people of Turkey and Syria. This is an urgent appeal for Solidarity and assistance. Tens of thousands of people are dead, and hundreds of thousands are injured after earthquakes hit parts of Turkey and Syria. Solidarity with the People of Turkey (SPOT) is calling for donations to fund direct support and Solidarity […]

Corruption and misrule made Turkey’s earthquake deadlier

Videos of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, taken during a campaign stop of Turkey’s March 2019 local elections, have resurfaced showing him boasting about the amnesty programme in the earthquake epicentre that allowed contractors to ignore the safety codes and forgave faults in millions of buildings across Turkey. While campaigning ahead of local elections in 2019, […]

Birtek-Sen calls on workers for international solidarity

We, United Textile Workers Union (BIRTEK-SEN), with our members, executives and numbers of volunteers have been mobilized, day and night, to relieve the injuries caused by the earthquake chiefly in central Gaziantep and its districts as well as other affected cities such as Maras, Adiyaman and Malatya. In collaboration with Nar Art Society, we set […]

Turkey Earthquake: A preliminary report from the ground

The Chamber of Mining Engineers of Turkey has participated in the search and rescue operations in the earthquake zone and published the “Preliminary Investigation Report for the Earthquakes of February 6, 2023” on February 11, 2023. The report from the ground points out that the poor disaster response of the government and organisational structure of […]

Turkey Earthquake: “The main reason for this catastrophe is Erdogan”

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), yesterday said in a statement: “I saw the state of our people with my own eyes. I refuse to accept that this situation is above contemporary politics and I refuse to align with the government (discourse).” Kilicdaroglu stressed that this catastrophe is exactly […]

Turkey Earthquake: Access ban on social media

Turkey’s government officials have waged a war on the media. Fahrettin Altun, Turkey’s Presidential Communications Director, yesterday proudly announced that a smartphone application called “Disinformation Reporting Service” is available to report people who are sharing “fake news” or “disinformation” online. The Directory also banned “nonaccredited” journalists’ access to the disaster area. Twitter – which has […]

Countries close their consulates in Turkey due to terror threats

It is known that terrorist incidents are frequently seen at the beginning of every election period in Turkey. In previous elections, the Erdoğan government received the electorate’s support through such events. This week, the Consulate of Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland in Istanbul were closed due to a new terrorist threat. 

Turkish elections to be held on May 14

Turkey’s general elections, which were supposed to be held on 18 June, will be held on 14 May. According to the election law, a person can only be president for a maximum of two terms. But President Erdoğan is looking for ways to take on the role for the third time by using a constitutional amendment […]