Solidarity with Ozak Textile Workers

18 Jan 2024
Solidarity with Ozak Textile Workers

We once again call for solidarity with the Özak Textile workers, whose hearts beat with courage in different countries around the world!

Özak Textile workers have been exercising their right to choose a union in the face of oppression, mobbing, and slave-like conditions at the workplace since the 27th of November.

The voices of these workers have been attempted to be silenced through pressure, bans, gas, rubber bullet and baton attacks, and mass detentions.

Those who turn a deaf ear to the Özak workers, drowning in oppression, will hear our voice!

Our demands are clear:
Rehire all dismissed workers!
Respect the workers’ right to choose a union, and end the pressure to change unions!
Pay the
wages for the days spent in the protest!

Özak workers will prevail through solidarity!

Saturday, 20 January 2024


Levi’s Regent Street

176 Regent Street, London W1B 5TJ

#LevisTakeAction #ZaraTake Action

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