Migrant shops are being closed

21 Apr 2024
Migrant shops are being closed

Burcu Köksal, from the main opposition social democratic party CHP, who became the mayor of Afyon City in the local elections held on March 31, closed the unlicensed shops of migrants. Köksal also said she would send the migrants back to their home countries.

During the election campaign, Burcu Köksal, who said that if she won the mayoralty, she would not allow DEM Party supporters, who are mostly Kurds, into the municipal building, closed 5 unlicensed shops belonging to refugees.

Known for her racist approaches, Köksal targeted the refugees by saying, ‘We promised our voters, we told them that we would send them, the Syrians, from this country without ‘no if’s’ or ‘no but’s'”

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