Turkey-Syria Earthquake Solidarity Appeal

16 Feb 2023 1 year old
Turkey-Syria Earthquake Solidarity Appeal

Solidarity with the people of Turkey and Syria. This is an urgent appeal for Solidarity and assistance.

Tens of thousands of people are dead, and hundreds of thousands are injured after earthquakes hit parts of Turkey and Syria.

Solidarity with the People of Turkey (SPOT) is calling for donations to fund direct support and Solidarity with the ordinary people who are suffering now.

The money will be used mainly to fund the activities of the Turkish Food Industry Workers Union and the United Textile Weaving and Leather Workers Union. They are already providing important relief on the ground. In areas where they do not have networks, similar competent trade union bodies will be used.

The need, and the horror of what has occurred, are felt particularly strongly in Britain. More than half of those living here with Turkish and Kurdish roots come from the areas hit by the earthquakes.

What are called “natural disasters” take place in a political and economic context.

The Turkish government did not heed warnings about the devastation earthquakes would cause. And it has been slow to provide relief to the 17 million people who are estimated to be affected. We demand no discrimination in who receives aid and who does not.

Survivors forced to flee their homes face freezing winter conditions, and people struggle to find safe shelter, water and food.

Experts warn the quakes could continue for weeks or even months, so long-term support is needed. Every donation raised from this appeal will go towards relief efforts on the ground.

Please pay donations to the Solidarity with the People of Turkey. Account details are as follows:

Account name: Solidarity with the People of Turkey (SPOT)
Account Number: 20384900
Sort code: 60-83-01

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