Turkish elections to be held on May 14

5 Feb 2023 1 year old
Turkish elections to be held on May 14

Turkey’s general elections, which were supposed to be held on 18 June, will be held on 14 May. According to the election law, a person can only be president for a maximum of two terms. But President Erdoğan is looking for ways to take on the role for the third time by using a constitutional amendment made in 2018.

The following three alliances will participate in this election:

1. The People’s Alliance (Turkish: Cumhur İttifakı) –  the racist and fascist coalition led by Erdoğan;

2. The Nation Alliance (Turkish: Millet İttifakı) – made up of 6 opposition parties led by the CHP;

3. The Labour and Freedom Alliance (Turkish: Emek ve Özgürlük İttifakı), a coalition of six left-wing parties, with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

While some claim that Erdoğan has no chance of winning this election, the opposition has warned that he will try using many pressures and tricks, including declaring war on Syria.

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