• Fri
    7:00 pm


    As the Bogazici protests grow in strength, we find out more about what is happening on the ground, what the students demands are and what the appointment of Melih Bulu means for academic freedom and democracy in Turkey.

    As Vicky Blake says "You cannot build academic freedom just in your own backyard" and that is why we must continue to build international solidarity and translate our solidarity into tangible actions.

    This webinar is jointly organised with Day-Mer Youth and DIDF-Jugend.


    Vicky Blake, UCU President

    Olgun Dursun, Bogazici Student

    Prof Mehmet Ugur, Uni of Greenwich / SPOT Steering Committee 



  • Sun
    5:00 pmFacebook

    Hundreds of academics, students, activists and trade unionists joined us in a day of action in solidarity with the Bogazici students in Turkey. Messages of support flooded in and a virtual rally was live-streamed on our facebook page.

    Chaired by Baroness Christine Blower, speakers included Tariq Ali (Journalist and Writer), Jeremy Corbyn MP, Umut Turem (Bogazici Academic), Olgun Dursun (Bogazici Student), Vicky Blake (UCU President) Louise Regan (NEU/ETUC).

    Find out more about the ongoing fight for academic freedom in Turkey and be inspired by the messages of support and commitment to international solidarity.

    Our online rally is available to watch below: