Turkish Minister Targets LGBTQ

Suleyman Soylu, Turkey’s Interior Minister, once again used hate speech aimed at the LGBTQ community. 

LGBTQ was one of the targets in his speech at Hak-Is confederation, a pro-Islamist AKP trade union, meeting. 

The Minister said that they  (AKP government) have prevented LGBTQ activities so that “they will not spoil Turkish family values.” Soylu said that the LGBTQ community is “immoral” and “deviant.”

“We are a Muslim nation. You could not succeed to corrupt our culture and civilisation with your broadcasting, your television channels (…) . ” said Soylu. 

Soylu also used hate speech towards the community earlier this year via his social media account saying that “LGBT deviants committed disrespect to the Kaaba-i Muazzama” regarding the detained students from Bogazici Resistance.


Meanwhile Soylu is facing serious accusations about corruption and drug trafficking. The allegations surfaced as convicted organised crime leader Sedat Peker’s YouTube disclosure videos received great attention. 

Turkey’s Business Association Targets Erdogan’s Regime

The Association of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen (TUSIAD) has called for a change in the current political system of Turkey.

TUSIAD criticised the current presidential system in Turkey which they’ve paved the way for by supporting President Erdogan for many years.

The Businessmen’s Association called for the need of democratisation and secularism in Turkey at their 50th annual high advisory board gathering today.

The Association shared their agenda with the right wing opposition parties beforehand.

Erdogan’s latest family scandal

TUGVA (Turkish Youth Foundation), which is affiliated with TURGEV (Turkey Youth and Education Service Foundation) is the latest scandal linked to President Erdogan in Turkey.

Erdogan founded TURGEV in the 1990s, and his close family members and his inner circle sit on the board of the foundation. After the corruption scandal about Erdogan’s family in 2013, TUGVA was founded as a cloak for other corrupt activities. Currently Bilal Erdogan, the President’s son is on the advisory board of the latter foundation.

Last week Metin Cihan, a freelancer journalist, shared a leak of documents and files exposing the deployment of unqualified individuals -who are affiliated with TUGVA and Erdogan’s Islamist party AKP- into the public enterprises and their harmful, corrupt practices. The lists include appointments to almost every public institution in the country, from army to education.

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Chairperson of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) commented on the scandal via his social media account. “It’s just a matter of time before the power shifts in Turkey and then the investigations will begin.” said Kilicdaroglu and urged for a new chapter in public as of this Monday:

“There is a person (Erdogan) and his family who have transformed the Turkish state into a state of their family. Government officials are forced to serve his personal interests. (…) Everybody must keep in mind that there is a price to pay when you serve personal interests rather than public.

We are watching the TUGVA scandal together. The smell of dirt is again all over the place. The person and his family are trying to take control of the state with a parallel structure that they pretend to be a foundation. (…) The Turkish state has once again entered the path of being the state of the people. Those who turn institutions into their own barn will of course be held accountable.”

Meanwhile TUGVA officials initially denied the allegations but later accepted that there is a leak. They are now targeting the journalists and newspapers who are investigating the incident saying that this is “an operation against Islam”.

Turkey’s “Moral” dresscode in public dorms

“Cihannuma Kız Ogrenci Yurdu”, a public funded dormitory for higher education in Turkey’s İzmir distict has announced a “moral” dresscode for students. Administration ordered the residents to dress “morally. ”

According to Derya Dogan’s report from Yeni Yasam, a public funded dormitory announced to the students that they could no longer walk inside the perimeters of the dorm wearing “immoral” outfits (such as in pyjamas or gym clothes).

Anonymous students asked for solidarity against this oppressive new dresscode saying that “Be our voice and support us to resist this regressive obligatory rule. “

The dresscodes for women has always been a controversial issue in Turkey. Today critics fear that AKP is pushing a religious agenda on to future generations of women in the country.

Turkey Deports Cypriot Journalist

Ali Kismir, President of the Press Workers’ Union (Basın-Sen) of northern Cyprus, was detained at Istanbul Airport and deported for “security reasons.”

The journalist said that he was deported due to his support for the presidential candidate Mustafa Akinci in the latest election in northern Cyprus. At the time of the elections there were serious allegations of interference by the Turkish government against Akinci.

Kismir also said that he is deeply saddened for his colleagues in Turkey who are subjected to such a “dictatorship” constantly.

The Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS) condemned the deportation of Kismir and said that “Intimidation operations against Cypriot journalists are unacceptable.”

According to Avrupa (a daily newspaper published in northern Cyprus), apart from Ali Kismir, 42 people from northern Cyprus who criticized AKP’s policies were also banned from entering to Turkey. Former President Mustafa Akıncı’s name is also on the list.

Baldur Srike Ends After Workers Win Their Union Rights

A strike involving workers at the Baldur Factory in Sekerpinar Organised Industrial Zone in Gebze, has been called off after a massive win for workers. 

Baldur workers who manufacture suspension components and other parts for the automotive industry went on strike for 281 days in order to push for recognition of their trade union rights.

Along with the determination of the striking workers, the powerful solidarity of representatives of major labour organisations both from Turkey and abroad paved the way for the victory.  

Further background: 

Police Attack Waste Pickers in Istanbul

Turkish police raided waste warehouses yesterday in Istanbul on the pretext of public order and attacked workers with tear gas and rubber bullets. Three waste pickers have been arrested.

There has been tension for some time between the Governor Office and waste pickers about the recent regulations on waste which are in favour with some big investors in recycling sector.

Ali Mendillioglu, president of The Recycling Workers Association said that the governor’s office laid the groundworkfor the arrests.

“Three of our friends were arrested. It doesn’t matter, let them take us all, let’s stay inside (the prison). It’s like a prison outside in Turkey anyway. We will not abandon our friends.”said Mendillioglu and called for solidarity.

Waste pickers, the most important link in the recycling chain in the country, face the worst conditions, working for almost 15 hours every day and suffering extreme poverty. 

Erdogan Attacks Bogazici Students Once Again

President Erdogan once again targeted the Bogazici Resistance and branded the students as terrorists in a speech yesterday.

The Turkish president said: “I cannot accept a Turkey where there are students stamping on the rector’s car. We don’t need such students (…) these are terrorists who have infiltrated the university.”

Since the start of 2021, Bogazici university students, staff, alumni and the broader civil society are demanding a return to the democratic process in the university and an end to outside interference.

More info here:

Turkey’s Separatist Kebab Shops

“Separatist kebab shops” said Devlet Bahceli, “are one of the reasons of unemployment”.

Speaking at parliament today Bahceli, Chair of extremist right wing Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), incomprehensibly blamed the kebab shops for “aiding and abetting terrorism” and argued that they are one of the reasons of unemployment among the country.

No one could understand what Bahceli is talking about and soon this nonsense statement became a topic trend in social media with #kebapci hashtag.

Armed Men Attack MP’s Home

Tulay Hatimogullari, Deputy Co-Chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was attacked at her home last Friday by two armed men claiming to be undercover police officers.

MP Hatimogullari said that this is not an isolated event since abductions of dissidents became widespread recently in Turkey. She also stated that they (HDP) have a pretty good idea about the intent and they will not allow chaos to reign in the country.