Youth despairs due to poverty in Turkey

11 Jan 2022 2 years old
Youth despairs due to poverty in Turkey

Enes Kara, a 20 year old medical student, killed himself two days ago. In his final note Kara says that poverty forced him to resort to a dorm run by an Islamist sect and he can not stand the compulsory “religious” practices and degrading treatment anymore.  

As the political and economic conditions deteriorate in the country there is a significant increase in suicide rates for the last five years. Rising living costs and unemployment rates alongside with the political Islamist path of Erdogan regime “to mould a generation of pious Turks” is leading youth into desperation.

Kara’s suicide note, where he described the enforced prayers and compulsory indoctrination lessons, stirred a fierce debate in Turkey in which progressive youth organisations are calling for religious sect dorms to be banned.

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