Turkish police deploy snipers as Bogazici resistance grows

1 Feb 2021 3 years old
Turkish police deploy snipers as Bogazici resistance grows

Bogazici University students gathered today following a call from the campus solidarity group to protest in support for the students who were arrested on 30 January. 

The students were arrested over a collage illustration at a campus exhibition last week.  The exhibition where the mentioned artwork was displayed was part of the ongoing protests against the appointment of a new rector by President Erdogan early this year.  The collage depicts LGBT rainbow symbols alongside an image of a sacred Islamic site. 

Following the arrests, numerous officials from the government including the Interior minister made offensive statements about the students.

Police have been deployed to oversee todays planned solidarity protest and have even positioned snipers at surrounding buildings. During the protests police clashed with students who gathered at the gates of the Bogazici University campus and made further arrests. 

According to Turkish media, journalists were prevented from recording any images of the incident. 

The UK Government must end its silence on the increasingly authoritarian and regressive AKP regime. 

As SPOT we also call on MPs, Trade Unions, Human Rights Organisations, campaign groups and individuals to condemn the horrific attacks on democratic protests in Turkey. 

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