Turkey’s main opposition leader warns “Erdogan is a dictator”

27 Dec 2020 3 years old
Turkey’s main opposition leader warns “Erdogan is a dictator”

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, chairman of the main opposition the Republican People’s Party (CHP), warns that Turkey is on course for a deeper economic and social disaster and reiterated his call for a snap election.

“At present Turkey is ruled by a dictator. All Erdogan’s features are in keeping with the definition of a dictator by any political textbook”, said Kilicdaroglu who supports a reinforced role for parliament in the constitution.  

According to Birkan Bulut’s report for Evrensel Daily, Kilicdaroglu has said that despite all the negativity he is not pessimistic since he believes that “Turkey will surpass the current problems with its own internal dynamics and democracy.”

Kilicdaroglu also said that Turkey must implement the European Court of Human Rights’ (ECHR) final judgment which orders immediate release of prominent Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtas. “Constitution obliges the implementation of the ECHR decision. It will take a heavy toll if they won’t implement it. Though it would not be surprising. (…) This will result in breaking ties with the European Union.”

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