Turkey launches deadly attack on Kurds

20 Nov 2022 1 year old
Turkey launches deadly attack on Kurds

Turkey has launched deadly airstrikes on the Kurds in Kobani, and various areas of North Eastern Syria. 

These latest aerial attacks on Kobani and various other places in North East Syria are yet further examples that radical Islamists and their ideology are favoured and supported by Erdogan regime.

The Kurdish groups in the region previously defeated the jihadists who were responsible for multiple crimes against humanity in Syria and Iraq. Despite this, Erdogan’s regime in Turkey has been targeting the Kurds and has falsely pointed the finger at the Kurds following last weeks terror attack in Istanbul, Taksim. Contrary to the statements of Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, the findings related to the terrorist attack in Taksim point to Turkey-backed jihadist groups in Syria. Yet Turkey is using this as an excuse to attack Rojava. The ministry of defence  of Turkey announced the war by saying that “now is the time for revenge.”

The HDP also made a call to the Turkish Government, saying that “the Kurds are not a threat to Turkey. It is ISIS and associated groups that are getting rich by occupying the areas in which the Kurds live.”

It is long known that the Islamist-nationalist regime in Turkey wants to attack the Syrian Kurds before the elections in order to stop its loss of power by provoking nationalism. The jihadists in Syria were also looking forward to such a battle in the search for new areas of domination.

SPOT urges the UK Government to take immediate steps to stop these deadly attacks against the Kurds.

We are also calling the international community to stand up for Kobani and against Erdogan’s regime. 

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