Turkey Deports Cypriot Journalist

12 Oct 2021 2 years old
Turkey Deports Cypriot Journalist

Ali Kismir, President of the Press Workers’ Union (Basın-Sen) of northern Cyprus, was detained at Istanbul Airport and deported for “security reasons.”

The journalist said that he was deported due to his support for the presidential candidate Mustafa Akinci in the latest election in northern Cyprus. At the time of the elections there were serious allegations of interference by the Turkish government against Akinci.

Kismir also said that he is deeply saddened for his colleagues in Turkey who are subjected to such a “dictatorship” constantly.

The Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS) condemned the deportation of Kismir and said that “Intimidation operations against Cypriot journalists are unacceptable.”

According to Avrupa (a daily newspaper published in northern Cyprus), apart from Ali Kismir, 42 people from northern Cyprus who criticized AKP’s policies were also banned from entering to Turkey. Former President Mustafa Akıncı’s name is also on the list.

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