Turkey’s “Moral” dresscode in public dorms

14 Oct 2021 2 years old
Turkey’s “Moral” dresscode in public dorms

“Cihannuma Kız Ogrenci Yurdu”, a public funded dormitory for higher education in Turkey’s İzmir distict has announced a “moral” dresscode for students. Administration ordered the residents to dress “morally. ”

According to Derya Dogan’s report from Yeni Yasam, a public funded dormitory announced to the students that they could no longer walk inside the perimeters of the dorm wearing “immoral” outfits (such as in pyjamas or gym clothes).

Anonymous students asked for solidarity against this oppressive new dresscode saying that “Be our voice and support us to resist this regressive obligatory rule. “

The dresscodes for women has always been a controversial issue in Turkey. Today critics fear that AKP is pushing a religious agenda on to future generations of women in the country.

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