SPOT Affiliation

Please support the work of Solidarity with the People of Turkey so that we can join forces and maximise our reach and effectiveness when standing up for the fundamental rights of all minorities, working people and human rights for all.

We rely on donations and affiliations through trade unions, campaign groups and members of the public to actively support the movement for democracy and human rights in Turkey.

All donations and affiliations go towards funding events and campaigns. 


Affiliation Rates (Annually) 

Local Organisations (inc. TU Branches) £50 

Regional Organisations £100

National Organisations:

  • Less than 50,000 members – £120 
  • 50-100,000 members – £150 
  • 100K – 500,000 members – £250 
  • 500K-1 million members – £350 
  • 1 million plus members – £450 

Click the link below for a copy of our standing order form: 


Click SPOT Standing Order