Police wait at hospital room to arrest woman following labour

1 Jan 2021 3 years old
Police wait at hospital room to arrest woman following labour

Lawyers have criticised police in Turkey who have been waiting for Hacer Yildirim to be discharged from the hospital where she has just given birth. The decision to take into custody relates to the Bylock investigation (which concerns the use of a messaging app the government believes is linked to the Gulen movement). 

34 year old Yildirim’s baby is in intensive care due to water in the baby’s lungs. Yildirim’s lawyer Çiğdem Koç was outraged, saying “I am curious as to what her crime is…she cannot go anywhere in her state, there is no suspicion that she will run away. Detaining in custody is a precaution. What evidence do they expect her to tamper with? I don’t know how we can explain this? How can we explain the legal rights of women who have just give birth?”

Yıldırım is a sociology graduate from Erzurum Ataturk University. She was previously employed at Gaziantep District Governor Rehabilitation, Social Support and Solidarity Trust, and later Bolu Town Social Support and Solidarity Trust. In September 2016 Yildirim lost her job. Her husband, a teacher, was also dismissed from his work by decree and served 15 months in prison as part of the Government’s purge of public sector workers. Since that time Yildirim has been making ends meet selling hand made knitted bags, socks and dresses.

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