Attacks on media in Turkey continue at pace in August

1 Sep 2020 3 years old
Attacks on media in Turkey continue at pace in August

Baris Yarkadas, ex opposition CHP MP and journalist, released a report on attacks on journalists and the media in August. Yarkadas publishes the report monthly, which shows that attacks on the media have been significant in August.

The report shows that in August:

2 journalists were arrested, 2 journalists detained, 4 journalists faced trial, and 3 journalists faced a new investigation.  1 journalist was also sued and 1 journalist had their home raided by the police. 1 journalist was attacked with a gun and 4 journalists were physically assaulted.

In August access to hundreds of websites were blocked and one website had access barred ten times. 6 TV channels were given financial penalties and legal proceedings were started against 1 channel.

Also Evrensel journalist, Diyarbakir representative Cengiz Anil Buyukbas was approached by three people who introduced themselves as spies and put pressure on Buyukbas to act as an agent.



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