Academic calls universities brothels

18 Dec 2020 3 years old
Academic calls universities brothels

Known for his closeness to AKP, Sakarya University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ebubekir Sofuoğlu targeted young people by saying ‘Universities are brothels’

In the program named “Derin Kutu”, presented by Sabri Balaman on Akit TV (a mouthpiece for AKP and Erdogan’s propaganda), Prof. Dr. Ebubekir Sofuoğlu, speaking about the generation Z, said that participation in university classes is low.

Sofuoğlu, who had previously been shortlisted to run as an AKP MP, continued by saying “Our President has also stressed this. They are almost brothels”. When guests on the show challenged the remarks, Sofuoğlu offered to show them around adding that this was common place. 

Sakarya University Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan made a statement on the subject on his social media account. Rector Savaşan said, “It is by no means possible to accept and tolerate the statements made by Prof. Dr. Ebubekir Sofuoğlu, a faculty member of our university, on a national channel.” 

Istanbul Prosecutors are investigating Sofuoğlu following his remarks and Sakarya University has also announced that it will launch an internal investigation into Sofuoğlu for degrading treatment based on social class, race, religion, denomination, sex or geography.  

Students, including the youth wing of Turkey’s Labour Party (Emek Genclik), have called for Sofuoğlu’s academic titles to be withdrawn and for him to be dismissed from the university. 

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