Worker Death Toll in Turkey at least 2,427 in 2020

14 Jan 2021 3 years old
Worker Death Toll in Turkey at least 2,427 in 2020

Health and Safety Labour Watch (ISIG) published its “Year 2020 Report of Workplace Manslaughters”. According to the report, last year, at least 2,427 workers lost their lives in workplace manslaughters.

The report is compiled using information from the national press (66%) and workplace safety specialists, workplace doctors, trade unions and local press (34%). The number of unannounced worker deaths is unknown.

In the report, the monthly distribution of workplace manslaughters was provided as follows:

January – 114 workers

February- 132 workers

March – 113 workers

April – 223 workers

May – 166 workers

June – 190 workers

July – 164 workers

August – 218 workers 

September – 211 workers

October – 232 workers

November – 308 workers 

December – 356 workers

In the gender distribution of workplace manslaughters in 2020, it was stressed that 148 women, 2,279 men workers lost their lives.

In the age distribution of workplace manslaughters, there were 22 child workers under the age of 14, and 46 workers aged between 15 and 17. It was noted that “between the ages 18 and 27, 258 workers; between the age of 28 and 50, 1,079 workers; between the age of 61 and 64, 708 workers; over the age of 65, 159 workers; and 155 workers at unknown age, lost their lives.”

SPOT is concerned by the large number of workers losing their lives everyday in Turkey, and supports trade unions, strikes and wider campaigns aimed at securing workers’ rights, particularly with respect to health and safety. 

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