Turkey’s Complicity: Unveiling the Hypocrisy in Erdogan’s Stance on Gaza

10 Apr 2024
Turkey’s Complicity: Unveiling the Hypocrisy in Erdogan’s Stance on Gaza

The recent police beating and arrests of over 40 people in Istanbul for protesting the genocide in Gaza underlines the rank hypocrisy of the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Those demonstrating had embarrassed the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) by highlighting Turkey’s continued economic ties to Israel.

Another march in the city of Konya raised the slogan “Murderer Israel, Collaborator AKP”.

Support for the Palestinians is very widespread in Turkish society. Erdoğan has made repeated statements denouncing Israel. He has increasingly tried to pose as a friend of the Palestinians and a tenacious opponent of imperialism. But like every other utterance from his regime, it is a lie.

Many people have seen through the pretence and it was one reason why the AKP lost millions of votes in the 31 March elections.

A few days after the elections, the Turkish Ministry of Trade said it would no longer send to Israel items in 54 categories spanning iron and steel products, jet fuel, construction equipment, machines, cement, granites, chemicals, pesticides and bricks.

But this was an admission that until then such trade had gone on seamlessly despite the horrors in Gaza.

Turkey will be a key site for the US if Israel’s provocations against Iran, Lebanon and Yemen trigger a wider regional war.

Erdogan host US and Nato bases, including Incirlik Air Base in Adana and the Kürecik Radar Base in Malatya.

Journalist Metin Cihan has revealed damning facts about Turkey’s links with Israel despite the attacks on Gaza.

Last December he reported that Turkish companies shipped four million tonnes of goods to Israel on 400 ships since 7 October. These companies included major belonging to important figures in the AKP.

“We are sending fuel to Israel, covering its raw material needs, and a Turkish company produces over 7 percent of Israel’s electricity,” Cihan explained, adding that Turkey also supplies the barbed wire used by Israel.

Cihan said, “We deliver oil from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to Israel without any hindrance,” and “Turkey meets 65 percent of Israel’s steel requirement,” a critical component in warfare and general construction.” The authorities have now forced Cihan into exile.

The Turkish regime is not an enemy of Zionism, it is fully complicit in its filthy policies.

Our solidarity goes to all those who are protesting against Erdoğan and seeking to build real support for the Palestinian cause.

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