“The political wing” of “FETÖ”

9 Feb 2020 4 years old
“The political wing” of “FETÖ”

As all know, is it not Erdoğan and the AKP who has not only been “the political wing of the coup” or Gülen but its partner? Was there not a partnership of power?

First and foremost, my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the Elazığ earthquake. And my get-well-soon wishes to the injured survivors.

Everyone should take note of the efforts by the Governor of Elazığ and those who have a stake in the city’s administration on behalf of the government to manage the public’s perception so as to avail AKP to emerge unscathed from the events rather than attending to those killed and injured.

And another lesson should also be derived from government officials who allude to “fate” with their talks of “what can we do, we are powerless, the earthquake is God’s work”! There were experts in the subject who warned against the possibility of an earthquake in Elazığ four months ago. As for an earthquake in Istanbul, it is just around the corner, with expectations of its imminent arrival. If the incidents are to be associated with God then one could presumably retort “may God rehabilitate you” to the Government representatives who are currently taking legal action against Berna Laçin for her criticism of deferring the matter to God and the measures taken. How can one have a government like this? It won’t take any measures, remaining a bystander while the earthquake causes such a death toll and then it blames and takes legal action against those who deign to question this state of affairs! No conscience could accept this; it is a sign for those on their way out.

We also witness the same approach of inverting the truth on the matter of Fethullah Gülen.

It is not unknown that the Gülen Congregation, just as the vast majority of congregations, is directly involved in politics as it doesn’t limit itself as an Islamic congregation and is actively concerned with “worldly blessings”.  Such political Islam have caused the bloodbaths in Iraq and Syria with beheadings and people burned alive through ISIS and the confrontation with a Islamic coup in Turkey through “FETÖ”. And now, through the agency of Muslim Brotherhood, it is inducing Turkey to look for adventures in Libya after Syria. It is uncontentious that behind it all there lies the monopolistic capitalist interest with their green dollars. Considered from this fundamental truth, it is uncontentious that it is not the barefooted poor Aczmendis who were wandering around in the days of 28 February [1997 coup] with sticks in their hands and hooded cloaks on their backs but the Islamic congregations holding the such and such state position and offices while hoarding fortune upon fortune, who pose a threat to the people.

The Gülen Congregation or FETÖ, was but only one of these congregations and it is known that state offices have been apportioned by others now. This ministry or directorship belongs to this, and the other to that…

Who does this or is paving the way for it? Is it me? Or is it CHP which the chums of the power filling the government and its subservient media’s columns and the programs of TV channels claim to be the “political wing of FETÖ”? Is it Sözcü or Cumhuriyet newspapers which has been taken to court for being “proponents of FETÖ”? Even HAYAT TV, the voice of millions was closed down with the pretext provided by the “FETÖ coup”!

Who is “FETÖ’s political wing?” Erdoğan is pointing to the CHP. The MHP chieftain Bahçeli concurs with this only to add Akşener [the leader of İyi Parti]. What kind of conscience accepts such allegations? The product of which conscience are these?

In the days of the “struggle against military tutelage,” Erdoğan had proclaimed himself as the judge of the Ergenekon [court case], the entire chain of command was imprisoned including Başbuğ, the Chief of General Staff. Who could deny that this “operation” was organised by the Gülen Congregation? A blatant public spectacle was enacted by the prosecutors under the command of Zekeriya Öz and the judges who were later arrested and tried because of “FETÖ’ism”. How were the FETÖ’ists” presented with this opportunity? Was this possible if it were not for the support and backing by Erdoğan who was proclaiming himself as the prosecutor?

As all know, is it not Erdoğan and the AKP who has not only been “the political wing of the coup” or Gülen but its partner? Was there not a partnership of power? Was it not the case that so many prime ministers, ministers and deputies use to go to Pennsylvania to kiss Gülen’s hand and hold meetings with him? This fact is of an absolutely undeniable kind. Was it not the case that Gülen used to be treated with highest esteem as “his Worship” by primarily Erdoğan and the AKP entourage? Are these not documented in TV archives?

Later on, beginning with “FETÖ”s attempt to start legal proceeding against Hakan Fidan whom Erdoğan called “my black box,” their relationships deteriorated and a period of confrontation ensued. From this point onwards, it is not the case that efforts by “FETÖ” to meddle with other positions were not unseen. Yet, this does not change the fact either that AKP was the partner in power of the “FETÖ” or that this power is full of those with wads of mingling with FETÖ.

Article by Mustafa Yalciner

Posted on Evernensel Daily

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