SPOT Calls For Farplas To Respect Trade Union Rights

2 Feb 2022 2 years old
SPOT Calls For Farplas To Respect Trade Union Rights

Workers at the Farplas in Gebze occupied the factory on January 31. They urged employers to respect the right to join a trade union and to reinstate their dismissed unionised co-workers.

Protests at the factory began last week after Farplas, which manufactures components for the major automotive brands, fired 150 workers for leading an unionisation effort. Workers eventually stopped production and locked themselves in the factory.

Farplas employers acted aggressively against the protests and after several hours of the occupation, police forces attacked workers in the factory.

Birlesik Metal Is (United Metal Workers Union) announced that 108 people, including union representatives, have been detained. In the wake of the police attack, workers from other factories showed solidarity with the Farplas workers by gathering in front of the factory. Detainees were released several hours later.

Representatives of progressive unions and political parties -including main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP)- also expressed solidarity with the workers and condemned the Farplas’s violation of the fundamental workers’ rights.

As SPOT we are calling on Farplas to respect trade union rights and to reinstate fired workers. We also urge all friends to support #Farplas workers in their fight for unionisation.

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