SPOT – Annual Conference 2019

24 Jan 2019 5 years old
SPOT – Annual Conference 2019


Our 3rd Annual SPOT Conference provides an opportunity to hear from those who have seen and experienced the reality of life under Erdogan’s authoritarian regime and invites you to find out more about what we are already doing to build international solidarity and call to account both the Turkish state and the complicity of European governments.

On the day we will be joined by the following speakers;

  • Julie Ward, MEP, The Labour Party
  • Ben Hicks, The Guardian Foundation
  • Cagri Sari, Evrensel Newspaper
  • Mustafa Kuleli, TGS
  • Sarah Clarke, Article 19
  • Aidan White, Ethical Journalism Network
  • Mustafa Yalciner, Labour Party of Turkey
  • Kate Osamor, Labour Party MP
  • Ali Seker, CHP MP
  • Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition
  • Bermal Aydin, Academic
  • Steve Sweeney, Morning Star
  • Aydin Cubukcu, Yeni E Editor
  • HDP Rep / MP (TBC)
  • Simon Dubbins, Unite the Union
  • Chris Baugh, PCS
  • Caroline Stockford, IPI
  • Naif Bezwan, UCL (TBC)
  • Joanna de Groot, University of York

Turkey’s ruling powers are pushing the country towards a dictatorship and Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s attacks on democracy are impacting all sections of society. With this increasingly authoritarian regime, the state of emergency has become normalised and entrenched in law, an executive presidency created, independent media outlets shut down, academics and public-sector workers purged and criminalised, attacks on Kurdish regions intensified, opposition politicians arrested, violence against women on the rise, discrimination and hate crimes against LGBT increasing, the environment being destroyed and so the list goes on.

Meanwhile, world leaders watch unflinching, continuing to sell weapons and tip-toeing around Turkey’s human rights record. But the battle for democracy and workers’ rights in Turkey goes on and provides a ray of hope. And we know that democracy maybe denied but it is not yet lost.

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