May Day demonstration banned from Taksim Square!

29 Apr 2024
May Day demonstration banned from Taksim Square!

Taksim Square, known for its historical significance as the site of the Gezi resistance in 2013 and the tragic May Day demonstration in 1977 where 37 workers lost their lives, has been banned for this year’s May Day demonstration.

The decision has faced criticism from labour unions, who argue that workers should have the right to choose the square they wish to gather in on the International Day of Unity and Struggle. However, the Minister of Interior has defended the ban, claiming that Taksim Square is not an appropriate location for demonstrations.

Taksim Square has the capacity to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people, making it an ideal venue for large-scale gatherings. However, it is believed that the real motive behind the ban is the fear of worker protests by the ruling AKP and President Erdogan. In recent years, security forces have responded to worker protests with force, suppressing even the smallest demands for rights.

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