Erdogan calls protestors sluts

2 Jun 2022 2 years old
Erdogan calls protestors sluts

President Erdogan once again used cheap words to insult the dissidents in Turkey. On the 9th anniversary of the Gezi protests, the fiercest anti-government unrest in Turkey for years, he branded the protestors as “sluts”, “terrorists” and “rotten”. 

Erdogan, who is known as the “most insulted” head of state, did not hesitate when using offensive terms to refer to the gezi protestors. Ironically, thousands of citizens are subject to lawsuits for insulting the president.

The President also repeated his allegation -which yet needs to be proven true- about people drinking beer at a nearby mosque during the unrest.

“These terrorists and bandits had contaminated the inside of the mosque with beer bottles. These are rotten, these are sluts” Erdogan said in his speech at the parliament. 

Erdogan’s comments sparked a public outcry. #sürtük (slut in Turkish) hashtag has become a trending topic with fiercely comments on Erdogan.

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