Academic Boycott of Turkey

2 Aug 2017 6 years old
Academic Boycott of Turkey


A group of academics are calling on all institutions of higher education, funding councils, academic and professional associations, and individual faculty members to boycott the Turkish higher education system.

The aim of the academic boycott is to put pressure on government so that all dismissals are revoked and the persecution of academics, exacerbated under the state of emergency regime, is ended. The boycott is targeted against complicit universities and higher education institutions.


The boycott call is made by signatories of the Academics for Peace declaration living in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and other concerned academics. See ‘About’ tab on the boycott page.

The call is also supported by the signatories of the Academics for Peace declaration living/working in Turkey too. But they cannot come up as owners or open supporters of the call for fear of persecution in Turkey.

They call on the international academic community to stop all future collaborations with the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK), the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), and universities complicit in violations of academic freedom in Turkey.

See the call at:

The complicit university list is based on evidence reported in the press and state of emergency decrees. The evidence is supported with live links.

See list:

The call has been supported by more than 700 academics so far. The call for signatures (petition) is still open and can be accessed at:

The boycott call has been supported by UCU congress in May.

See: UCU Congress Open Motions Session 4.

The boycott all excludes: (a) arrangements/agreements designed to help/facilitate student exchange; and (b) requests from individual academics in Turkey for visiting fellowships or similar engagements with universities outside Turkey.


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