AKP withdraws motion that would have released rapists

The Turkish government was forced to do a U-Turn on a proposed new bill which, if passed, would have allowed rapists to avoid punishment if they married their victims. Hundreds of thousands rallied against the proposed new law, which was widely condemned across the world. Nonetheless, the prime minister has the audacity to claim that the motion was being withdrawn because of a “misunderstanding” and not because it was controversial.

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Martin Powell-Davies from NUT attends meeting in Turkey hosted by the teachers’ union Egitim-Sen

Below you will find the details of Martin’s visit to Turkey and the actions they will be taking in solidarity with the teachers who have been under attack following the purge in the public sector by the current AKP government.


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Deteriorating economic conditions in Turkey

There are growing concerns in Turkey due to the rise in unemployment (11%), interest rates and the record breaking rise of the dollar against Turkish Lira. Government representatives have tried to downplay the deteriorating economic conditions but have failed to reassure the people or the global markets.

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