SPOT calls for academics to sign solidarity statement in defence of Boğaziçi students and academics

Boğaziçi University staff and students are under government attacks. As SPOT we support their demands for academic freedom and freedom of expression, and call on academics to join our statement confirming our commitment to academic freedom and freedom of expression as global values that should be upheld in Turkey and all over the world.

The statement calls on the Turkish president, his government, his governors, and his security apparatus to end the demonisation of Boğaziçi students and staff; release all Boğaziçi students in detention immediately, and respect the right of Boğaziçi staff and students to choose their rector.

The statement also calls on all heads of governments, higher education institutions, and UNESCO to call on the Turkish officials to respect the demands of Boğaziçi staff and students.

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