Regular monitoring shows dire state of media freedom in Turkey

Baris Yarkadas, ex-opposition MP and journalist continues to release regular reports on attacks on journalists and the media.  The latest report paints a tragic yet unsurprising picture with respect to press and media freedom in Turkey, showing that in December 2020 alone:

  • 35 journalists were brought before the courts,
  • 4 journalists were sentenced to 42 years and 6 months in prison,
  • 1 newspaper was given a 3 day ban on adverts,
  • 1 journalist was given a 10,000 Turkish Lira penalty, and 
  • 1 TV channel closed leaving 180 journalists unemployed

The report also shows that in 2020: 

  • 491 journalists were brought before the courts,
  • 37 journalists received a total of 151 years in prison, and 
  • 33 channels were subject to financial penalties and temporary closure. 
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